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36″x80″ Security Screen Door

$249.99 $195.00

36″x80″ Standard size steel constructed security doors available to be shipped out.


Product Description

Security Screen Doors

36″x80″ Security Screen Door.  Standard size and steel constructed security screen doors are available to be shipped out.
Columbia Security Screen Doors are engineered to the toughest standards including commercial grade all steel construction. They provide some of the most durable security doors available, as well as several designs to choose from.  Each door features 24 gauge expanded mesh, double hole security lock boxes with extended plates and full length fly-straps that do not impede the door’s security.  The frame size is 3/4″ x 3/4.

Available painted in Navajo, Black, & White.

Door knobs and dead bolt not included.

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Navajo, Black, White


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